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Development Company REFLECTA Development was established in March 2007 by an experienced team of professionals dealing with development, management of shopping centers and administration of other real estate in the Czech market for a long time.

The company REFLECTA Development has changed its original focus on shopping centers and has gradually extended its activities also to development of large territorial units focusing on both residential and administrative units or on betterment of the entrusted property portfolio in the central part of Prague.

Among the completed projects, there are shopping centers Géčko in cities České Budějovice and Liberec, which were put into operation in the year 2007. 

REFLECTA Development team does not belong to the biggest ones, but their professionalism, assignment and flexibility are very competitive. Our common goal is satisfaction of our business partners and end-customers and a long-term success of our projects.


REFLECTA Facility s.r.o.


Company REFLECTA Facility was founded in June 2007 as a subsidiary company of REFLECTA Development intended for the management and administration of shopping centers developed by the parent company.

Since its foundation, Company REFLECTA Facility has been working on the preparation and administration of the shopping centers Géčko in České Budějovice and Liberec. Since their successful opening in autumn 2007, the company has been managing these shopping centers at the head of their local teams. In the process, its services have been extended to management and betterment of the entrusted property portfolio in the central part of Prague, whereas the real estate portfolio in the year 2010 comprised more than 40,000 m² of space.

Long-term strategy of REFLECTA Facility lies in the improving of quality in real estate services with the aim to convey the central idea of the projects concept to end-customers.

REFLECTA Facility team is closely linked with its parent company so that during the preparation process of the project, no detail important for its further life would be overlooked.